American Asset Protection 

American Asset Protection is a full service security and investigative firm that provides critical incident response training, specializing in active shooter and violent intruder training. We provide an experienced professional level of support and are prepared to train you or your organization. We are also available to speak at your events.

American Asset Protection is an authorized Partner that provides the following services:

Threat Assessment



Escape and Evade Preparation for Active Shooter Incidents

Force on Force Training for School Teachers

Active Shooter Training for School Teachers

Simulator Training for School Teachers (Marksmanship skills)

Shoot Don't Shoot Scenario Training for School Teachers (Live Action & Simulator)

NRA Certified Training Courses 

Situational Awareness Training for School Teachers 

Emergency Evacuation Plan for Active Shooter Incidents in Schools 

Teacher Lead Response Individual and Team Tactics

Weaponless Defense for Active Shooter Incidents

Advance Shooting Tactics for School Teachers 

Systems Integration

Certified Training Courses 

Hardware Installation

American Academy of Protective Training The American Academy of Protective Training is an authorized Training Partner. American Academy of Protective Training provides Active Shooter Training for School Teachers that wolud like to develop the skills needed to protect themselves and the children entrusted to them. 

Force on Force Only Active Shooter Engagement and Resolution Course

American Academy of Protective Training is offering a (Force on Force ONLY) Active Shooter Engagement and Resolution Course. This course was developed to give personnel a chance to learn advanced tactics in resolving an active shooter incident, in a school, office building, mall, or other public place. It was developed as a short course so that course participants could gain experience in resolving this type of incident, without conflicting with their normal schedules.

Active Shooter Engagement & Resolution – FULL Course

Our (FULL) Active Shooter Course is a Counter Terrorism Response Course that was designed to instruct teachers how to respond to an Armed Active Shooter Situation, this course takes you much further than just that of an escape and evade plan. Our focus is to train teachers with the skills necessary to neutralize or eliminate the threat of an Armed Active Shooter or that of an organized Terrorist Attack.

Some of the topics to be included in this course are:

  • Identifying improvised explosive and incendiary devices

  • Developing individual teacher combat shooting skills

  • Responding to an armed active threat as a team

  • Developing individual teacher escape plans

  • Developing individual teacher situational awareness

  • Low-light engagements