Gun Vault

Put a gun Vault in every classroom mounted to a desk, accessible only via a Biometric locking technology system. These systems will allow access only to the individual whose fingerprints match the system's allowed access list.

The gun vault will keep the firearm out of site of the students and unless they were told by a parent or other adult, the student would not even be aware of the firearm presence.  This ensures that no student would be exposed to a gun at school.

By keeping the firearm at the school in this manner, it would also allow school districts to continue the moritoriam on teachers bringing a firearm to school. This also would eliminate the concern that a teacher's gun could be unsafely stored or handled leading to an unsafe discharge of the firearm.

The gun vault will also be armed with several safety features including a tracking device, and a silent alarm that will trigger if the safe is opened for any purpose. Upon, the opening of the gunvault the silent alarm will notify the nearest law enforcment agency tasked with the protection of the school. This alarm shall be treated as if an active shooting incident is occuring.

The alarm will also notify the school board, the principle, the vice principle and notify all of the teachers on campus that a shooting incident is occuring. This will allow the teachers to respond according to the designated emergency plan as instituted by the school district.



The firearm will be a .40 caliber handgun that will be checked and inspected semi annually by a School Police Officer, Law Enforcement Official or a qualified NRA Certified Firearms Instructor to ensure it is in good working condition. The firearm will remain loaded at all times and kept inside of a secure Gun Vault.



Any person who is identified as an authorized user of the firearm and has potential access to the firearm, shall be required to undergo a training course of no less than 24 hours. The training course shall require a minimum of 4 hours of in class training on gun safety and handling. All participants must qualify on the gun range, and must participate in no less than 16 hours of active shooter practical training including Shoot Don’t Shoot Scenarios.

The training will also introduce and thoroughly train the teachers and participants on what happens if and when the gunsafe is open. This training will also inform the participants of the legal and criminal ramifications for opening the safe in an unauthorized manner such as threatening a misbehaving child or co-worker.



The coordination of the response will be the last and most important part of the keeping a gun vault in the classroom. What happens when the gun vault is accessed will be very directly laid out.

Every incident of the gun vault being opened, shall require a written report to be generated detailing the circumstances surrounding the opening of the vault. This report shall include details on who opened the vault, the reason for opening the vault, the outcome of the opening, who was notified, how long it took for notification, who responded and how long it took for the first responder to arrive.

Any unauthorized accessing of the gun for mere exhibition, demonstration or other reason shall be met with immediate suspension and/or termination depending on the severity and fequency of the violation as dictated by each school district policy. Such efforts will ensure that the minimum amount of unathorized openings will occur. This will also protect a child from being exposed to or having access to the firearm in the safe.