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Arm The Teachers.Co, will be presenting a free Active Shooter Prevention and Response Training Course in Los Angeles, California.

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Contact: John Miller ATT Public Relations
Phone: 310-295-2198 Ext. 6501


LOS ANGELES, CA, January 9, 2013 – American Asset Protection one of the industry’s premier providers of high quality security services and American Academy of Protective Training a provider of firearms training and tactics geared towards: civilian, law enforcement, military and security will be hosting a free Active Shooter Prevention and Response Course for teachers on Saturday and Sunday, February 10-11, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its’ training facility in Los Angeles, California.

With recent events throughout the United Sates, including Sandy Hook, addressing an active shooter in the classroom environment or similar situations has become both timely and necessary. It is with this in mind that the training staffs at both American Asset Protection and the American Academy of Protective Training have decided to donate their time and expertise to provide this training course.


Participants will be given 4 hours of classroom instruction followed by 12 hours of practical shooting exercises. These exercises will include basic pistol qualification, weapon retention, firing from a position of cover and move-n-shoot techniques. Graduates of the course will be eligible for the NRA Basic Pistol Certification and to apply for Arizona, Florida and Utah CCW Permits.


While taking and passing this training course does not qualify any teachers to carry a handgun on any school campus under current laws. This training is intended to provide the basis for what should be implemented within school districts should any legislation take place to adopt the carrying of firearms on school campuses.

General Public: For those interested in attending this course you are encouraged to R.S.V.P. Space is limited. Interested groups wishing to host a seminar at your facility or place of business please contact John Miller, Public Relations at 310-295-2198 or Email:


Media interested in attending this event are also encouraged to R.S.V.P. to the press contact in this release.

Arm The Teachers is the industry’s resource for solutions to providing policy and practical implementation of arming teachers and protecting students. Our client-focused trainers and instructors located across the country are supported by national resources with over 150 years of combined security, law enforcement and military experience. For more information call 1.310.295.2198 or visit us at our website: Training Partners

American Asset Protection

American Academy of Protective Training

Active Shooter in the Workplace

No one can predict when they’ll be put into a life threatening situation, but a life threatening situation can happen at any time. In light of recent events, it is necessary to review how to react should you encounter an active shooter situation. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. An active shooter is someone who engages in the killing or attempting to kill people in a confined populated area. In most cases, there is no pattern to the selection of their victims. Most people will never be involved in an active shooter situation, but everyone needs to know what to do to protect his or her own life.

In a classroom or confined environment, how a teacher responds is the difference between life and death. An armed teacher could be just as dangerous to the students he or she is trying to protect as the armed assailant if he/she does not know how to respond.  Police officers and soldiers encounter this all too often in the line of duty. Often times the bullet that kills or wound is not fired by the enemy rather it is fired by a collegue. This is why there is the term “Friendly Fire”.

Simply giving a teacher a gun and hoping that they will respond correctly is a dangerous way to deal with the threat. A school district is ultimately responsible for the actions of their employees. Teachers are people and deal with situations that they could  argue was a threat and they had to stand their ground similar to the defense that is being used in the Trevon Martin Case.  People are arrested all of the time for “Brandishing a Firearm” with the weapon that they possess legally. This is why training matters. Carrying a loaded firearm in a school with loose guidelines is a recipe for disaster.


Professional and Effective

The need for professional training and development of standards for your school or school district is essential. How you train your staff to deal with a shooting situation will determine who lives and who dies. As more schools adopt policies that allow teachers to possess a loaded firearm on campus, it is inevitable that allegations will arise of teachers threatening students with the guns. Even if the teacher never actually committed the offense, an unpopular teacher who is known to carry a gun could easily fall victim to false accusations and this will ultimately result in legal fees at the very least and law suits with the potential to bankrupt a school district is a very real potential.

The best defense is professional and effective training and strict policy that will limit the exposure to liability as a result of the added need to protect our children. With many years of experience and training in the area of educating law enforcement and civilian corporations on appropriate measures, we are uniquely qualified to provide the right type of training required to adequately address all of these various concerns.

After undergoing our low cost, high quality training, teachers and staff will be ready to respond to any type of active shooter  or threat in the safest manner possible and with an understanding of the ramifications of their actions.